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About Ethan

A lifelong resident of District 4, I attended elementary, middle and high school in Lawrence Township Schools, graduating in the Top 30 of my Lawrence North High School senior class.

I have a B.A. in Cinematography from SFSU, and a Master's degree in Secondary Education from Indiana University.

I am a freelance photographer, and a Surveyor's Assistant in the Marion County Surveyor's Office.

As a long-time community activist, I have worked to further community and police relations, supported finding real solutions for those with mental illnesses and those facing homelessness, and have been a strong proponent of locally-owned businesses and community gardens. I have been outspoken on quality of life concerns in our community, including the need for improved infrastructure, adequate public transportation and keeping our public schools fully supported.  I promise to listen and bring an honest voice for concerns shared by our neighborhood associations and individuals with whom I've spoken.  Together we can make our community one that works for all residents.

The Issues

Standing Up and Speaking Out For Our Community


 As a community activist in Indianapolis for the past several years, I'm not afraid to stand up for those who have not been heard by their representative.   

We need compassionate solutions for those experiencing homelessness in the city of Indianapolis, and that does not mean jail as was recently proposed.  Our plan centers on wraparound services with a housing first approach, so that when people get help finding that home, they stay in their home. 

We also need to adequately fund mental healthcare services in a humane way. This is why we should be expanding the Mobile Crisis Unit, helping keep people with substance abuse and mental health issues out of jail and in treatment programs.

Let's Talk about Infrastructure


 As a resident and driver in this community, Potholes are just as frustrating for me as they are for you. I see them on my way to work and to the store. Historic under-funding has led to the place we are in today.

But there is progress being made; a plan for $400 million to be spent over the next 4 years on roads, streets and sidewalks was laid out just recently.

Infrastructure also affects public safety, as better street lighting helps deter crime in neighborhoods. 

Building on the current transit routes to ensure public transportation is accessible and affordable will be a focus in creating a more sustainable community.

Addressing other quality of life issues such as the sound barrier along I-465 will be a priority for district 4.

Creating a better place to call home


Several large chain stores have left the area, leaving vacant buildings, which can lead to destabilization of a neighborhood and higher crime rates.  My proposed solution is to find and support locally owned businesses, especially here in district 4, creating a community of neighbors in a web of economic and social relationships.  Important decisions should be made by people who live in the community and who will feel the impact of those decisions. 

Also, let's invest in community gardens. These gardens provide an opportunity for a community to work towards a sustainable environment. The Lawrence Community Garden is a shining example of the wholeness a community can experience when we come together on this common ground and support sustainable living and giving back.

A Voice for Public Education


I pledge to continue to be an ardent supporter for keeping our Public Schools strong and fully funded. Many of us in this district benefited from good schools in our neighborhood. I value the work our educators do not only for our children but for all of us. They keep our community robust.

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